Name: Lola

Owner's Name: Chris and Lucy Mould

Why My Pet is Noble:
We have loved sweet Lola since the second we met her. She's had a rough start in life and despite it, this beagle loves hard! She has had more than her fair share of health problems however with the wonderful care of Dr. Johnson and the amazing team, we know she will have a long, happy and healthy life. She spends most of her days snuggled up on the sofa, occasionally getting down to choose a toy from her toy box or to play with her doggy sister Darcey. We all utterly adore you Miss Lola!


Name: Elly May

Owner's Name: Robert and Kristi Jones

Why My Pet is Noble:
Elly May is new to the area. We believe she is about 5 years old and is either a Walker Hound or an American Fox Hound. She was abandoned so we adopted her from the Heritage Humane Society in Williamsburg. She is making the transition from pack hunter to a condo companion. We renamed her Elly May after the character played by Donna Douglas on the Beverly Hillbillies. She brings a country kind of "chill" to the North End but promises to rise from the cushions and defend our beaches from encroachment by deer should that become necessary!


Name: Haven

Owner's Name: David Cram

Why My Pet is Noble:
Haven adopted our family in the spring of 2008. We immediately fell in love with his care free and curious nature. He loves meeting new people and pets. His favorite hobbies include: kicking owners off the couch and trying to steal their french fries. He recently underwent treatment for arthritis, and surgery to remove his spleen. His recovery was quick and he is back to his fun loving and energetic lifestyle.

Name: Rosie

Owner's Name: Debbie Williams

Why My Pet is Noble: R
osie is a 3 year old red nosed Pit, who stole my heart the day she picked me to be her new forever mama at animal control. She was about 22 pounds of loose skin and blind in one eye, but her sweet demeanor and innocent face was more than anyone could resist. She loves everybody and everything and at times is a total goofball. We love her dearly.

Name: Taz

Owner's Name: Carl and Denise Mack

Why My Pet is Noble: T
az is 12 years young. He adopted our family when he was eight months old. We are truly grateful to have been blessed with such a happy friend who makes us smile and laugh everyday. Taz is loving, carefree, curious and goofy. He makes people smile with his infectious grin or one of his latest antics. He has a zest for life, especially SWIMMING, and loves his cookies! He adores his family, friends, Dr Johnson and his outstanding staff at Birdneck Animal Hospital. Taz melts hearts, enriches lives and gives more to us than we can ever return.


Owner's Name: Joe Stefonowich

Why My Pet is Noble: 
Ziggy was named after Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy. He started out as our daughter’s fluff ball weighting only a few pounds. After she married and took him to live with her and her husband, we missed him so much she felt sorry for us and let him live come live with us knowing she could see him as often as she wanted. Ziggy is our greeter and welcomes everyone at our door including the mailman. His hobbies are chasing rabbits, going to the beach, rummaging through the garbage when we aren't looking and stealing food from the counters.

Name: Dude

Owner's Name: Shay Kamme

Why My Pet is Noble: 
Brooklyn Dude came into our lives through Va Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center. As a volunteer, his new Mom fell in love with him. He is a loving, caring boy. Our sweet Dude suddenly got sick in March, & we ran him to Birdneck Animal Hospital. Everyone took such great care of him. Their staff is the best, giving all the pets their love & attention. The joy Dr Johnson & his staff showed when Dude finally made it to a good place could NOT have been faked, they care as much as we do for our babies.


Owner's Name: Dee Dee Boone

Why My Pet is Noble: 
Charlie has taken over our home and our hearts. We picked him up in January 2014, made it through yellow snow and chewed up molding, and are finally experimenting with letting him have the run of the house. We took the leap into the world of dog ownership to help our children overcome their fear of dogs and it definitely worked. Charlie loves bacon, chasing squirrels, and long walks. We recently had a big scare when he had a close encounter with a pick-up truck, which only reaffirmed how entrenched he is in our hearts. We love you Charlie! 


Name: Sammy

Owner's Name:
 Rob & Gabrielle

Why My Pet is Noble: Sammy was found on pet rescue in September 2001. Sam has the biggest heart and is very devoted to his mom and dad. He has a daily ritual which includes lounging, strolling downstairs for a snack, chasing his sister around the house, then enjoys a nap. Sam is my protector and my best buddy and from the first day I ever had him he has slept in the very same spot at pillow, the same one I sleep on. Sam brings joy and laughter to our little family every single day and we are so blessed to have him.


Name: Checkers

Owner's Name: Cheryl Levierge

Why My Pet is Noble: Checkers "Bully" Levierge was born in Missouri on January 16, 2013. Being selected as Birdneck Animal Hospital's pet of the month is a great honor to our family and we as his parents are proud on Checkers behalf to accept this great honor. Checkers was at the point of amputation from one vet. However, Dr. Johnson and his loving, caring staff not only saved his left foot, but Checkers is doing what dogs love most, being a kid! He lays on his back when taking a bath, while massaging and washing his tummy. He is a sweet little boy!



Name: Molly

Owner's Name: Brian and Kathleen Kozlowski

Why My Pet is Noble: Molly was adopted from the Virginia Beach SPCA in August 2014. Our family stopped at the grocery store one Friday evening, saw her outside the store working at an outreach event, and brought her home Saturday afternoon. She enjoys walks on the beach, playing with her puppy-brother Charlie, chewing on her stuffed animal pig from “Angry Birds,” and sleeping with her entire body underneath the blanket. She is great at cuddling, and that more than makes up for her (sometimes very loud) snoring. We love our Molly!


Name: Dean Underwood

Owner's Name: Sioux

Why My Pet is Noble: Sioux began her life as a stray cat in the salt marshes of Virginia Beach. After being a single mom to a litter of kittens, she decided it was time to find a cozy home with a loving human to care for her. Sioux went on a crash diet, matted her fur with mud and some fleas for "bling" and started searching for a purrfect home. As luck would have it, she found her "sucker" and she now has everything she needs and more! Sioux recently underwent surgery and thanks to Dr. Johnson, will be on the prowl soon. MEOW!



Name: Betti Tate-Garber

Owner's Name: Bridget

Why My Pet is Noble: Met emy beautiful Bridgett! Despite being diagnosed with oral cancer, she remains the most loyal friend I have had. Bridgett adores her family as we adore her. She's the epitome of unconditional love! She's my best friend and soul mate. Bridgett loves to snuggle and nap on the sofa with her paws crossed. She has been in the best of care. I attribute this to her family, Dr. Johnson and his staff. Bridgett has filled my life with complete joy. Her favorite activities are taking long walks to the beach and socializing with people. I will always cherish her.


Name: Bentley 

Owner's Name: Tabitha Holtzapple

Why My Pet is Noble: Bentley is a 6 month old English Bulldog and full of love! He has the best parents that take exceptional care of him. Bentley is undergoing surgery due to paralysis from a condition he was born with that is affecting his spine. He has been a trooper despite all of the obstacles thrown his way. He enjoys his visits at Birdneck Animal Hospital to undergo therapeutic laser treatments with Dr. Johnson as well as spending quality time with "his girls" at Birdneck. Bentley has a talent for making anyone he meets, fall in love with him!


Name: Ginger

Owner's Name: Jon Hershelman

Why My Pet is Noble: I adopted Ginger from the VBSPCA on Jan. 3, 2002. She was 11 months old, had been turned in to them twice, had been there for 6 months and couldn't find a home. She had suffered abuse and her last Vet recommended that she not be adopted out again. To this day she still has some trust issues but once someone proves worthy of it she is extremely affectionate. She's been a wonderful companion to me and her sister who we lost to cancer on Feb. 28 after more than 11 years. She wishes to thank Dr. Johnson and his staff for their patience, care and devotion.


Name: Tess

Owner's Name: Blaire and Mary Denny

Why My Pet is Noble: Tess was born on June 2, 2001 in Virginia Beach. Her breeder described her as the "saucy" one in the litter and over the last 13 years she has lived up to that moniker! Tess loves the beach and even at the age of 13 she has no fear when it comes to the waves. She also loves chasing a ball although she doesn't always deliver it back to the one who threw it! What she really loves is her food. Her love and devotion to our family will be her legacy. Tess' human siblings complain that she has surpassed them as "the favorite child!"


Name: Izzy

Owner's Name: Anne Meachum

Why My Pet is Noble: Izzy has made me laugh, been by my side, & taught me what unconditional love is since the day that I rescued her. She loves road trips and camping. She has a wonderful man in her life who loves her dearly, take her for long walks, truck rides, watches baseball with her & gave her a bigger backyard where she chases ducks and sunbathes. It's been a blessing to find Dr. Johnson and his amazing staff who have helped her in so many ways. She's loved by so many. I'm lucky to have had so many years with my best friend!


Name: Princeton

Owner's Name: Amanda Taylor

Why My Pet is Noble: After spending too long in a pound, Princeton was adopted in 2009 from a rescue group in Chicago, IL. When Princeton is not spending time with his buddy Dr. Johnson and the wonderful staff at Birdneck Animal Hospital, he enjoys going for long walks, hanging out in sunny patches, and nibbling on broccoli stalks. Princeton is a “people” dog; happy to tag along on an adventure or just snuggle on the couch, as long as he has people he is happy. Princeton’s motto: “All you need is a spot of sunshine, some broccoli, and a good scratch above the tail”.


Name: Roxy

Owner's Name: Blackburn Booth

Why My Pet is Noble:  K9 Roxy is a family dog of 1LT Joshua L. Booth, U.S.M.C. (K.I.A 17 OCT. 2006, Operation Iraqi Freedom). Roxy is now a Search and Rescue canine and part of Greater Atlantic Rescue Dogs, a volunteer K9 SAR team based in Hampton Roads. Roxy also visits the U.S.M.C. Wounded Warrior Regiment as a Therapy Dog bringing smiles and comfort to wounded, ill or injured Marines. This portrait of Roxy is used to raise funds for the children of Fallen Marines. She serves as a living affirmation of Josh's life and to honor the Marines he fought alongside in combat.




Name: Chloe

Owner's Name: The Johnson Family

Why My Pet is Noble: Chloe is Noble in her effect on all those around her. She is the warmest, friendliest creature that you could ever hope to meet. Her loving attitude and desire to please are exceeded only by her appetite. She has brought boundless happiness and comfort to our home since we brought her home in July of 2008. We can't imagine the house without her playful self bounding about it!



Name: Hengry

Owner's Name: The Hansen Family

Why My Pet is Noble: Hengry is Noble because she is my dog.                                         



Name: Allie

Owner's Name: The Midgett Family

Why My Pet is Noble: Allie is the ORIGINAL Noble Pet! Rest in Peace!                        



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