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 Name:  Ray

Owner's Name: 
Sheellah Kennedy

Why my Pet is Noble: 
My name is "Ray," short for Rayquaza, the legendary dragon Pokemon. I am a 5-year-old bearded dragon that loves pretty much everything. I love spending time in my mom's reading room. There is a comfy green chair by a window that I like looking out. I love books with pictures of bugs! She also has a few superhero books, but did you know not all superheroes wear capes? The staff at Birdneck are my superheroes. They took great care of me when I got sick with a respiratory infection. My family is very thankful their superpowers get me healthy again.
  Name:  Penny Layne

Owner's Name: 
Bonnie Bermingham

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Penny Layne’s mommy is a beagle, her daddy is a pug, and she is a rescue puggle! She’s 11-years-old and has been part of the Birdneck Animal Hospital family for two and a half years. She enjoys naps, raw carrots, socializing with all species, and long sunset walks on the beach. But, what Penny Layne loves most is boarding with her human and animal friends at the BAH! -Bonnie and Bill Bermingham
Name:  Cookie

Owner's Name: 
Shay Kamme

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Cookie has been through a lot lately but she never fails to make me smile. She's a smart street cat-not afraid of anything, even though she's almost deaf. Loves going for walks & cuddling all night. Never met a piece of shrimp or chicken that she didn't like!
  Name:  Hazel

Owner's Name: 
Donna Nagel

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Hazel is our beloved 15+ year old puppy. She was adopted from a shelter when she was 3 years old. What a wonderful addition she has been to our family all these years. We are so thankful for all that Dr. Johnson and his staff have done to make Hazel’s life as wonderful as it is!
  Name:  Luna

Owner's Name: 
Jeffery Zimmerman

Why my Pet is Noble: Luna came into our lives in 2013 when we first moved to Texas. After talking to us, the worker brought us right to Luna as he knew we'd be the perfect match. She was found dirty, pregnant, and had gotten attacked in the shelter right after giving birth, and was not looking right at us with those typical Luna eyes. One cross-country move and six years later, she's still loving on everybody she ever meets, we secretly think all of our friends like Luna more then us. She loves car rides, chewing on tennis balls, looking out the window, and...sleep!
  Name:  Paco

Owner's Name: 
Wendi Steele

Why my Pet is Noble: Paco was the runt of his litter. He weighed only half of what his litter mates did. He fit in my coat pocket when he was a puppy. He loves his basket and hardly ever leaves home without it. He can be a little scared sometimes but once he gets use to you he loves the attention.
  Name:  Jeremy

Owner's Name: Alexis Wescott

Why my Pet is Noble: When they handed us the smallest shiba we had ever seen, needless to say, we were surprised. He's continued to surprise us every day since then! With his spunky personality of rough-housing with his two bigger brothers, the stereotypical Shiba scream when you try to clip his nails (ask the staff at BAH), how you can't pet him without him lifting his arm for his preferred chest scratches, all the way to going through a major hip surgery at three years old and zooming around the house two months after. Jeremy is the little light in our lives.
  Name:  Da Vinci

Owner's Name:  Elaine Wareing

Why my Pet is Noble: 
On a cold rainy night in 2007, I finally trapped this very feral cat. He was quite thin and had an eye injury. Immediately, I rushed him to a vet. When I brought him home, he was released into my sunroom where he spent the next three months before he felt brave enough to join my cat family! Fast forward: Da Vinici is now quite a demanding, loving lap kitty who sleeps with me. With the dedication by Dr. Johnson and his amazing staff, he has survived some health challenges. Da Vinci is an incredible feline and I adore him!
  Name:  Ruckus

Owner's Name:  Patrick Loud

Why my Pet is Noble:
 He was born in NC somewhere, only to be abandoned by his family. He stayed alive by catching whatever he could for food and begging from people on the boardwalk. He was found by people at Birdneck shelter. His cage needed to be covered whenever other dogs walked past him because of his territorial nature. He didnt like other animals but people were his favorite. He plays with his cousin and is getting better at meeting new friends. He’s been up and down the east coast and across country twice. He’s now living his best life.
  Name:  Congo

Owner's Name:  Teles Dardenne

Why my Pet is Noble: Congo is a 15 month old Basenji. The breed is known for being " barkless". He doesn't bark but he can yodel. They are an ancient breed from Africa and were used to hunt lions. Congo loves getting into trouble around the house and playing with his dog friends at the park. He has spent a lot of time endearing himself to Dr. Johnson and his staff due to some viral papilloma but despite being poked, prodded and frequently put in the cone of shame he still enjoys the attention of going to the Vet.
  Name:  Sophia

Owner's Name:  Rachel Shaffer

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Sophia is an approximate 4 year old beagle. She was adopted about 4 months ago. Her favorite activities include eating, laying on the couch, and sniffing the grass. She unfortunately was heartworm positive upon adoption and is currently undergoing treatment, but has been great going through it. She is all done with treatment and is loving life! She is a sweet little dog but can howl very loud all the time.



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