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Tracy Reuss Glasheen

In 2004, my sister, Tracy Reuss Glasheen, created the inspiration that became the genesis of the Noblemen Toy Drive. In her last year battling breast cancer, Tracy decided to make a lasting impression on her children. She asked each of them to get one of their favorite toys and they were going to give them to a child at the homeless shelter. After much reluctance, they went to the shelter and their lives were changed. They instantly realized, for the first time, how fortunate they were and how some other children had next to nothing. On the trip home they discussed all of the things they could give that the kids in the shelter would want and use.

From that story came the idea to create a way for people to donate toys, find great local kids to give them to and have our own children do the giving. In 2004, we gave 67 toys to 32 kids in the JCOC after school program. In 2016, we gave out nearly 30,000 toys to nearly 5000 kids, nearly every toy given to a child by a child.

- Pete Reuss



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