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The purpose of The NoblePets is to fund "pet projects" to support local people
and animals who are in need of help. These pet projects include helping local
children with disabilities and veterans acquire service/aid dogs!

A special thanks to our friends at Birdneck Animal Hospital for partnering
with us on this great project!



Would you like to give back to your community and at the same time let everyone know what a fantastic pet you have?  Why don't you have your pet recognized as a "Noblepet"?   Write a brief paragraph explaining why your pet is special to you.  Submit your paragraph and a photo of your pet along with a $110.00 donation made out to "The Noblemen" with "Noblepets" noted on the bottom left of the check.  $10.00 of your donation goes to fund supplies for the Noblepet chapter.  The entire remaining $100.00 goes to helping local children with either physical, developmental, or financial challenges.  These items can be mailed to: The Noblemen PO Box 1433, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, or contact us via email at

Your pet's picture and paragraph will appear on the Noblemen Facebook page, and you will receive a tee-shirt and car magnet that let everyone know that your pet is a Noblepet.  These items can be picked up at Birdneck Animal Hospital.  What a great way to help kids in need!

Name: Brie

Owner: Molly and Trey Ford

Why my pet is Noble: Are there any truly benevolent people?  No, of course not, but there are Golden Retrievers.  Brie, who will turn five in May, is one such furry, four-legged star. Though she loves her family and spends at least twelve hours a day on self-imposed guard duty, she greets every stranger like a long-time acquaintance. If she worked in the service industry, she could retire before thirty from tips.  Brie has no ulterior motives for extending her paw to literally everyone; she simply always has and always will sense the goodness in all people before anything else.

Name: Buddah

Owner: Anna & Ed Kilma

Why my pet is Noble: Hi! I'm Buddah! My parents met me at a bark in the park event seven years ago. I'm a fearless goofball (except for thunder) who's always ready for the next wild adventure. Going for rides in the truck, boat, or golf cart are my favorite. If my dad is working on a project, I'm right by his side and every morning I have coffee snuggles with my mom. I make everyone laugh when I chase ducks and occasionally fall in the water. I'm very very loved and spoiled rotten by my mom and dad and everyone at Dr. Johnson's office. 

Name: Oliver

Owner: Julianna Harvey

Why my pet is Noble: Oliver was adopted from a rescue in North Carolina when he was a few months old. He loves going to visit his friends and trying to bring home their toys. Oliver greets people by howling hello. He quickly realized that it always got him attention, so that became his standard greeting. Oliver was diagnosed with a degenerative mitral valve, and even though he's now symptomatic, it hasn't affected his spirit. He still plays with his favorite toy, his little ducky. Oliver loves seeing everyone at Birdneck Animal Hospital, who all take such good care of him. 

Name: "Benny" Denoia

Owner: Lisa Denoia

Why my pet is Noble: Benny is a purebred Black Mouth Cur. He was named after Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez -- the most talented baseball player on the team in The Sandlot.  Benny was a pandemic puppy, and came to Virginia Beach from a beautiful farm in NC, where his parents are very accomplished hunting dogs. Benny doesn't do any official hunting, but since he's a working dog, he does have various "jobs" around the house. Two of his favorites are "cleaning the kitchen" (where he closes all the kitchen cabinets) and "find it" (where he searches for scented objects or food all over the house). He and his owner still have not come to an agreement about whether or not it is his job to "protect" the entire 3-mile radius of "his realm" around their house. Benny is glad to be a patient of Birdneck Animal Hospital, where he often finds himself in the care of the staff here due to his sensitive stomach and overly cautious owner. ;) While he's a little wary of strangers, Benny is an overall adaptable and happy dog, and he's very honored to have been chosen as the Noble Pet of the Month! 

Name: Buddy

Owner's Name: Rhonda Ward

Why my pet is Noble: Buddy stole our hearts 14 years ago when we first laid eyes on him. He is known and loved for his wonderfully cute ears. Buddy's favorite activity after napping of course, is fussing at his daddy, his cousin Ren and every dog in the dog park. Tuesday is his favorite day of the week because he knows its mini ravioli for dinner day. He is very thankful to Birdneck Animal Hospital for keeping him healthy so he can still play and chase his toys like a little puppy.

Name:  Zuri

Owner's Name: 
 Debbie Fulgham

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Zuri, our happy-go-lucky Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and two-year lymphoma survivor, lives life to the fullest. Even though she loves to play catch/tug of war, her greatest love is swimming. Summertime, Zuri is in the pool with visits to Dr. Johnson for swimmer’s ears. Wintertime, she is getting wet from rolling on the pool cover. When not getting wet, Zuri plays with her buddies, Amber and Jenny. Don’t let her happy disposition fool you, she is a great guard dog. No stranger will enter the house without Zuri’s approval. Our playful, goofy girl will live forever in our hearts!

Name:  Winston

Owner's Name: 
 Amanda Ford

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Winston, is a gentleman and scholar! He started with a humble foundation, as an orphaned two week old kitten, he is an avid ornithologist, laser physicist, and sleep specialist. In addition to his studies, he is a successful entrepreneur with a thriving biscuit-making business. Winston is family focused and enjoys spending time with his three sisters and cousin. Dr Johnson and the splendid team provided the utmost treatment and care! Winston especially enjoyed the office visits and daily calls that ensured his road to recovery was flawless. He is furever grateful to the skill and compassion of the BAH team.

Name:  Jojo

Owner's Name: 
 Molly Ford

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Perhaps the old saying "he aged like fine wine" has become a little overused, but in the case of JoJo, who, during his first night at our house on December 23, 2011, spilled a glass of wine on a couch, there is perhaps not a better description. he has gained the wisdom, austerity, and the tendency to snore of an older dog without sacrificing a puppy's vivacity and love of incessant licking. And for a lap-dog, JoJo has demonstrated an almost absurd passion going on walks, to which our golden retriever seemingly cannot relate.

Name:  Winny

Owner's Name: 
 Andrea Aikin

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Winny was adopted in Louisiana at 3 months old. Having just celebrated her 12th birthday, she continues to live by the motto let the good times roll! This Cajun girl can shoot a side eye stare, stopping you in your tracks, before jumping up to steal pets and give kisses. She loves people of all ages, but has a particular fondness for children. She is attentive, gentle, and becomes uncharacteristically calm around them. Car rides are her favorite things, it doesn't matter where she is going, she is always excited for a new adventure. She is the best snuggle buddy!

Name:  Amber

Owner's Name: 
 Brenda Waterfield

Why my Pet is Noble: Amber is our 11 years 9 months "young", Yellow Labrador. She shines like the sun. She brings so much joy to us and others she meets. She loves walks and visiting neighbors. She enjoys time at the pool and with her playmates, before napping. When she wants something, she will moan, sigh or bark (only once). She has us trained well in identifying if she wants a walk, a treat or to just go outside. Amber may appear to be somewhat "spoiled" but that is okay, she is ours.

Name:  Sailor

Owner's Name:  Mary Denny

Why my Pet is Noble: Sailor is a six yo English Cream Golden Retriever. As a puppy, she was feisty, but she mellowed into a very calm adolescent. It was suggested to me that she take the therapy dog test, and for a couple of years we made visits to nursing homes and to the library where the young children read to the dogs. Although, at seventy-five pounds, she wasn’t climbing into any laps, she was great at curling up at people’s feet and providing comfort. Sailor’s favorite thing to do is ride in the golf and retrieve the tennis ball!

Name:  Chuy

Owner's Name: 
Oranee Sailes

Why my Pet is Noble: Chuy Sailes, an 8-year-old longhaired Dachshund, who loves to play and go on long walks with his Humans. He's a bit of a hound, who loves to chase rabbits and bark at the Mockingbirds. He loves to snack on healthy foods. His favorites are blueberries, green peppers, apples, carrots and watermelon. he's very vocal when his snacks aren't offered in a timely manner (Whenever the fridge is opened) and when he's been waiting for a walk. He's been a JOY from day one, even though his Mom, vocalized her disapproval of him leaving home at an early age.

Name:  Thor

Owner's Name: 
Victor Macchietto

Why my Pet is Noble: Thor is a senior dog we found at a rescue back in 2019. We initially were looking for a dog to name Loki and then we found this one eyed disaster. We were told he was around 8 yo and they were having issues homing him. He is the sweetest dog I have ever had. He's a little iffy when it comes to men but we don't know why. The friendship he has with our daughter is amazing. He comes with us in the morning to get her and tries to cuddle. I am glad we got our cuddly boy.

Name:  Chael

Owner's Name:  Chris Dewitt

Why my Pet is Noble: This is Chael. He was named after MMA fighter Chael Sonnen. Chael also answers to several nicknames. Big Goofy, Big Buddy, Big Silly and Big Lazy. These names reflect his size & his personality. He is shy & gets frightened easy. He is 2 and a half years old. He definitely is the most gentle and lovable dog. A true 100 lb lap dog. 

Name:  Indy

Owner's Name:  Indy Kershaw

Why my Pet is Noble: Indy is your typical husky with an attitude. She loves to talk back to her humans, and tell off her fur siblings. She has no problem telling you when you are doing things wrong. She loves walks on the beach and hike in the mountains. She loves taking peoples seats, even when they call seat check.. She loves when you have food or when she decides she wants to be pet. She’s a great girl, and her humans love her and her howling screams. She keeps her humans them on their toes. She is a rescue that rescued her family.

Name:  Kim Freeman

Owner's Name: 

Why my Pet is Noble: I got Stella when she was 4 months old. Although she has gotten bigger, her wrinkles and sweet face have not changed. Stella thinks she has the nose of a German Shepard and sniffs everything on her (slow) walks. It's a tie between her favorite things, sleeping or eating. She snores like a trucker and gobbles up all her meals as if it's a contest. She has the sweetest disposition, and loves everyone, especially if they have treats. Her butt wiggles and snorts are her favorite way to show her love! She's always excited when she sees the staff at BAH!

Name:  Cleo

Owner's Name: 
 Ashley Hudson

Why my Pet is Noble: 
 Cleo and her siblings were found in Mississippi after the owner had abandoned them. I adopted Cleo in April of 2007. She has lived in Alabama, North Carolina and now in Virginia Beach. She is a true diva and the ruler of our house. Even our 86 pound golden retriever doesn't mess with her. Her favorite things to do are bird watch and snuggle. She also loves good cat nip. She loves that I am working from home and spends the majority of her day in my office. She definitely my baby girl and I couldn't imagine life without her.

Name:  Sparky

Owner's Name: 
 Jen Costelloe

Why my Pet is Noble: 
 Sparky is 12 years old and came to us from NC pug rescue when he was one year old. He is a ray of sunshine, he loves to eat and likes to be around his family. One of his favorite things to do with us is to go camping, he loves the outdoors and fresh air. Sparky has had health problems in the last few months but he's been a trooper throughout it all. Thank you so much to Birdneck animal hospital for taking such great care of Sparky.

Name:  Henry

Owner's Name: 
 Johnny Ford

Why my Pet is Noble: My name is Henry. I’m a Great Pyrenees mix from the mountains of West Virginia. I love to go on walks, chase squirrels and treats! I am very wary and hesitant of strangers but when you win me over I’ll be your best bud. Dr. Johnson and his team did just that! I was recently in an accident with the UPS truck and would like to thank Dr. Johnson and everyone at Birdneck Animal Hospital for taking such great care of me!

Name:  Randall

Owner's Name: 
Amanda Quaresimo

Why my Pet is Noble: Randall is a four year old veiled chameleon who loves eating hornworms ! He was named after the character in the movie, Monsters Inc, “Randall Boggs” who also has chameleon-like color changing abilities. Randall also loves exploring and climbing anything he can reach outside of his cage. He enjoys going outdoors and getting some natural sunlight as well! 

Photo Coming Soon
Name:  Bella

Owner's Name: 
Sheree Denton

Why my Pet is Noble: 
 Bella is my precious italian greyhound. I got her From a local breeder. The minute i laid eyes on her i feel in love. We started our lives together with nothing but shear delight. She is now 12 years old and definitely a trooper. Bella has caner and now only 3 legs. It hasn't slowed her down one bit though. I will always love Bella now and when she passes the rainbow bridge. There will never be another Miss B. 

Name:  Stormi

Owner's Name: 
Megan Waters

Why my Pet is Noble: We found Stormi in Virginia Beach. My husband and I haven't had a dog since we were kids so we were very happy when we got the chance to get one. There was a litter of puppies and she was the one climbing over the rest to get our attention. She won our heart and has been that crazy pup ever since. She is so loving and fun, but Frenchies come with a list of things to be aware of and Dr. Johnson and the staff have been so great at helping us through everything, even the littlest of things.

Name:  Norman

Owner's Name: 
Jean Lencyzyk

Why my Pet is Noble: Our boy Norman is an 8 month old, 127 lb Newfoundland. He is a big, furry, clumsy bundle of love. Norman enjoys slow walks at at the beach and playing with his “cousins”, Jackson, a German shepherd and Banks, a golden retriever.

Name:  Loki

Owner's Name: 
Gabrielle Brutus

Why my Pet is Noble:
 We adopted Loki when he was 5 weeks old from Hope For Life Rescue. He was abandoned, along with 3 siblings in a field in NC. Despite being infested with mites, infections and a tapeworm, Loki has never let on that he wasn't feeling well. He is energetic and playful. He fits in with our chaotic family.

He loves to play fetch, run around the yard chasing birds, walks on the beach, but most of all he loves to cuddle. He is just a happy puppy.

Name:  Bali

Owner's Name: 
Alexis Wescott

Why my Pet is Noble: The day we adopted Bali from early medical retirement from Iraq/Afghanistan was a huge day for us! He was so calm, well behaved and independent – completely different than our other dogs. With lots of patience, reassurance, plenty of toys and love he came out of his working dog demeanor! Despite his health issues he's the most lovable, cuddly and overall sweetest boy! Dr. Johnson helped us decrease his medications that was prescribed and put onto newer medications that has Bali doing a complete 180! He's running around and learning to play like our other dogs now.

Name:  Roxi

Owner's Name: 
Mitch Barlow

Why my Pet is Noble: 
 Roxi has fought a valiant fight for many years now. She had a broken leg as a puppy. She came down with Parvo (also as a puppy). After many very healthy and happy years Dr. Johnson has performed many surgeries on Roxi But unfortunately she wasn't able to overcome this last one. Which is the ONLY fight that she has EVER lost. She is such a strong pup. She loved to steal my socks and to chase any ball or FRISBEE that you would dare throw for her. Roxi was always the alpha dog in our house, who protected us!

Name:  Henry

Owner's Name: 
Savannah Perry

Why my Pet is Noble: 
 "I'm Henry, or, "King Henry the Ate,". Most of the time, I am very well-behaved and know lots of tricks. My favorite treats are carrots, hot-dog pieces (I can't believe mom feeds me dogs!). A perfect day for me is breakfast, a walk on the beach where we play fetch, a nap, play with my best doggy fur-iend, and then lay in mom's lap and we snuggle. You can give me a follow @henry.the.ate to see lots of cute pics, funny videos, and maybe a few training bloopers. I love my Birdneck family and always get excited when I visit!"

Name:  Ray

Owner's Name: 
Sheellah Kennedy

Why my Pet is Noble: 
My name is "Ray," short for Rayquaza, the legendary dragon Pokemon. I am a 5-year-old bearded dragon that loves pretty much everything. I love spending time in my mom's reading room. There is a comfy green chair by a window that I like looking out. I love books with pictures of bugs! She also has a few superhero books, but did you know not all superheroes wear capes? The staff at Birdneck are my superheroes. They took great care of me when I got sick with a respiratory infection. My family is very thankful their superpowers get me healthy again.

Name:  Penny Layne

Owner's Name: 
Bonnie Bermingham

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Penny Layne’s mommy is a beagle, her daddy is a pug, and she is a rescue puggle! She’s 11-years-old and has been part of the Birdneck Animal Hospital family for two and a half years. She enjoys naps, raw carrots, socializing with all species, and long sunset walks on the beach. But, what Penny Layne loves most is boarding with her human and animal friends at the BAH! -Bonnie and Bill Bermingham

Name:  Cookie

Owner's Name: 
Shay Kamme

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Cookie has been through a lot lately but she never fails to make me smile. She's a smart street cat-not afraid of anything, even though she's almost deaf. Loves going for walks & cuddling all night. Never met a piece of shrimp or chicken that she didn't like!

Name:  Hazel

Owner's Name: 
Donna Nagel

Why my Pet is Noble: 
Hazel is our beloved 15+ year old puppy. She was adopted from a shelter when she was 3 years old. What a wonderful addition she has been to our family all these years. We are so thankful for all that Dr. Johnson and his staff have done to make Hazel’s life as wonderful as it is!

Name:  Luna

Owner's Name: 
Jeffery Zimmerman

Why my Pet is Noble: Luna came into our lives in 2013 when we first moved to Texas. After talking to us, the worker brought us right to Luna as he knew we'd be the perfect match. She was found dirty, pregnant, and had gotten attacked in the shelter right after giving birth, and was not looking right at us with those typical Luna eyes. One cross-country move and six years later, she's still loving on everybody she ever meets, we secretly think all of our friends like Luna more then us. She loves car rides, chewing on tennis balls, looking out the window, and...sleep!

Name:  Paco

Owner's Name: 
Wendi Steele

Why my Pet is Noble: Paco was the runt of his litter. He weighed only half of what his litter mates did. He fit in my coat pocket when he was a puppy. He loves his basket and hardly ever leaves home without it. He can be a little scared sometimes but once he gets use to you he loves the attention.

Name:  Jeremy

Owner's Name: Alexis Wescott

Why my Pet is Noble: When they handed us the smallest shiba we had ever seen, needless to say, we were surprised. He's continued to surprise us every day since then! With his spunky personality of rough-housing with his two bigger brothers, the stereotypical Shiba scream when you try to clip his nails (ask the staff at BAH), how you can't pet him without him lifting his arm for his preferred chest scratches, all the way to going through a major hip surgery at three years old and zooming around the house two months after. Jeremy is the little light in our lives.

Name:  Da Vinci

Owner's Name:  Elaine Wareing

Why my Pet is Noble: 
On a cold rainy night in 2007, I finally trapped this very feral cat. He was quite thin and had an eye injury. Immediately, I rushed him to a vet. When I brought him home, he was released into my sunroom where he spent the next three months before he felt brave enough to join my cat family! Fast forward: Da Vinici is now quite a demanding, loving lap kitty who sleeps with me. With the dedication by Dr. Johnson and his amazing staff, he has survived some health challenges. Da Vinci is an incredible feline and I adore him!

Name:  Ruckus

Owner's Name:  Patrick Loud

Why my Pet is Noble:
  He was born in NC somewhere, only to be abandoned by his family. He stayed alive by catching whatever he could for food and begging from people on the boardwalk. He was found by people at Birdneck shelter. His cage needed to be covered whenever other dogs walked past him because of his territorial nature. He didnt like other animals but people were his favorite. He plays with his cousin and is getting better at meeting new friends. He’s been up and down the east coast and across country twice. He’s now living his best life.

Name:  Congo

Owner's Name:  Teles Dardenne

Why my Pet is Noble: Congo is a 15 month old Basenji. The breed is known for being " barkless". He doesn't bark but he can yodel. They are an ancient breed from Africa and were used to hunt lions. Congo loves getting into trouble around the house and playing with his dog friends at the park. He has spent a lot of time endearing himself to Dr. Johnson and his staff due to some viral papilloma but despite being poked, prodded and frequently put in the cone of shame he still enjoys the attention of going to the Vet.

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