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June 2012 Philanthropy Blog

01 Jul 2012 4:59 PM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

The month of June could not have had a better start! The Noblemen were delighted to host a huge group of special needs children and their families (around 300 people all together!) to enjoy the Patriotic Festival air show featuring the one and only Blue Angles. Whisper Concerts provided our group with a private chalet on the beach complete with beverages and lunch. Everyone had a great time watching the airshow and the kids were given a really special treat when many of the pilots and ground crew personnel came and visited them in our chalet! All the children left with a smile on their faces and goodie bag filled with really cool air show accessories! This was truly an awesome day that the children and their families will not soon forget!

The Noblemen met Amber Robinson 6 years ago when she was a sophomore at Tallwood High School and serving as a member of the inaugural chapter of The NobleTeens. Amber's mother reached out to The Noblemen originally to see if we might be able to help with some dental bills. When we heard Amber's story it was clear that she needed much more than help paying bills. Amber was accidentally shot in the face by a large caliber pistol when she was two years old. The bullet destroyed her jaw and doctors did the best job they could putting her back together. As Amber was growing into a young woman and her bones were reaching their final stages of growth she was experiencing a lot of side effects and pain resulting from the accident. Trey White, a Virginia Beach Noblemen and a local dentist couldn't wait to take X-rays of Amber and see what was going on. Amber had bone fragments scattered throughout her face and needed extensive reconstructive work on her jaw. Trey recruited a team of dentists, lab technicians and orthodontists and took on Amber's case. After 6 years of surgeries Amber has a gift that she never thought she would receive, a smile! Trey and his team worked countless hours (he thinks that the cost of all of the work would have gone over $200,000) and performed numerous surgeries on Amber and all of it was pro bono. Not a penny exchanged hands and no checks were written. Amber has a new confidence in life and something else that she never thought she would have.... a Facebook page!



The Princess Anne NobleTeens performed an awesome Noble Deed for a fellow student before the end of the school year. Princess Anne High School offers a wonderful special education program in their "West Building" that provides a wide variety of educational opportunities to special needs children from all over Virginia Beach.
The PA NobleTeens learned that one of the boys in the West Building program was in a wheel chair that did not fit him correctly. The wheel chair also did not fit correctly on the handicapped accessible bus that picks him up and takes him home everyday. Every day John had to be removed from the chair and carried on and off of the bus and it was a very unsettling experience that he had to endure several times daily. The PA NobleTeens held a fundraiser and challenged all of the homerooms in the school to see which one could raise the most money. The NobleTeens put jars in all of the homerooms to collect the money with the goal of raising $1600 to purchase the wheelchair. They raised over $1700! John and his family were very excited and grateful to receive the new wheelchair. GREAT JOB PA NOBLETEENS! We can't wait to see you in the Fall!


A good friend of The Noblemen and faculty member at Cook Elementary (a Title I Virginia Beach Public School) called us in early June to let us know that she was concerned about a student. She let us know that the young man is a very gifted basketball player and would not be able to travel with his team to a national tournament over the summer because his family could not afford the expenses. The Noblemen were were excited to "be a part of the solution" and are sponsoring this young man so that he can travel with his team to South Carolina and compete. Slam dunk!



The Noblemen came to the aid of a local family through another organization called "Kids Priority One". Kids Priority One is a resource center where families can go if they need to be connected with local organizations that work with and help children. Kids Priority One called The Noblemen because they were working with a local family with an autistic child and a child with diabetes and whose power was going to be shut off. The family has fallen on hard times and as a result had become very delinquent on their power bill. The power company put them on a payment plan and the family was literally one hour late with a payment. The power company told them that their only option was to then pay the full balance or have their power shut off. They did not know where to turn. Then Noblemen paid the balance of the power bill for them which not only prevented the power being shut off but allowed them to focus some of their finances on other areas that needed attention.


A member of The Noblemen came to us in June because he had a close friend and co-worker who was in the middle of a significant crisis. The woman's husband had taken her children from her when they were very young and left town. She spent years trying to locate them and when she did find them she went through an extensive custody battle to regain custody of the children. Her daughter, who is now a teenager experienced significant mental and physical abuse from the father and it has taken a heavy toll. The daughter was admitted to a psychiatric facility in Staunton just before coming to Hampton Roads to live with her mother. The mother made countless trips back and forth to Staunton and was finally able to bring her daughter back to Virginia Beach. The daughter was just recently admitted into a local psychiatric facility. All of this has taken a heavy toll on the mother as well and it has exhausted her financially. The Noblmen helped to pay a number of medical expenses and other bills totaling $2700 to help her get back on her feet and hopefully re-establish a happy home for her children. We wish them all the best!



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