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  • 02 Apr 2012 12:29 PM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

       March was another stupendous month for The Noblemen full of lots of wonderful local philanthropy. One of the coolest events that happened during the month was a fundraiser that was held by The Peninsula Noblemen. Peninsula Noblemen members Keith Arnold, Bubba Hutchison and Chris Flores spent an entire evening waiting tables at "The Pearl French Bistro" in Newport News with all of their tips going to The Noblemen organization. Keith, Bubba and Chris invited their friends and clients to dine at The Pearl and packed the restaurant. At the end of the evening these fine Noblemen raised over $6000 in tips!

    The Peninsula Noblemen decided that they wanted some of the proceeds from their night to fund a very Noble Deed. The Noblemen were happy to pay travel and lodging expenses to send JoJo Sibert to Disney World! JoJo is a young lady from Hampton who celebrated her 9th birthday just the other day surrounded by princesses in Disney World! JoJo has been battling cancer and other conditions as well.

    JoJo finished chemotherapy in January and celebrated with a remission party! There is a 90% chance that her cancer will not return!


       Edmarc Hospice for Children contacted The Noblemen in hopes that we might make a special wish come true for a couple of great local kids and their families.

    Abigail suffers from a rare type of Leukemia and wants so badly to go with her sister to see "The Fresh Beats Band", a very popular children's band.

    Owen's little brother Reid suffers from a severe seizure disorder and several other medical conditions. Owen really wants to go to see "The Fresh Beats Band" with his brother.

    The Good news is that "The Fresh Beats Band" is coming to Chrysler Hall on April 12th! The bad news is that the show is sold out. One of the social workers at Edmarc was able to find tickets on Stubhub but they were too expensive for the families to afford. The Noblemen were delighted to purchase 6 tickets to the concert so each child can go with their siblings and a parent to enjoy some FRESH BEATS!

    HAVE FUN!!!!

       The Chesapeake Noblemen had an amazing and awesome month as they delivered dictionaries to over 700 third graders in Chesapeake Title I Public Schools.

    The Dictionary project has been going on for 9 years in Virginia Beach and The Noblemen are very proud to have added Chesapeake Public Schools for the second year in a row!

    We deliver the dictionaries directly to the children in their classrooms and truly have an amazing time interacting with the children and teaching them about philanthropy!

    Read more about the dictionary project in the February 2012 edition of The Noblemen Philanthropy Blog!

    Great Job Chesapeake Noblemen and NobleWomen!

       Congratulations to The Tallwood NobleTeens! The original chapter of The NobleTeens continues to do wonderful things in their school and in the Hampton Roads community.

    Volunteer Hampton Roads is recognizing The Tallwood Nobleteens as "Volunteer of the Year" in the Youth Group Category at their annual Volunteer Achievement Awards! The NobleTeens are being recognized for the many amazing projects they have conceived including their annual "Friendable Prom", an annual prom that they host for over 200 special needs adults.


     The Chesapeake Noblemen came to the aid of a Chesapeake family in need and did a very Noble Deed for them. Edmarc Hospice for Children alerted The Chesapeake Noblemen to an issue that a local family was having with their refrigerator. The family has a daughter who is in hospice care and takes medication that must be refrigerated. The family was having problems with their refrigerator and it was beyond repair. The Chesapeake Noblemen donated funds for the family to purchase a new, problem free refrigerator.

    Great job Noblemen!


       One of The Norfolk NobleWomen asked if The Noblemen organization could assist a family in Norfolk who is working very hard to get on their feet. The Father was recently disabled by a stroke and can no longer work. The Mother is working as much as possible while still caring for 5 children and now also caring for her husband. The family is currently residing in a motel room with 2 double beds.

    The Noblemen gave a $500 gift to the family to ease the pressure of their monthly bills and to help them make a security deposit payment on a house.

    We wish them the very best of luck as they try to get some normalcy back into their lives!

  • 14 Mar 2012 12:21 AM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

    February is a truly EXCEPTIONAL month for The Noblemen organization! Every year The Noblemen purchase and deliver over $20,000 worth or Scholastic children's dictionaries for EVERY third grader in Virginia Beach Title One Public Schools. It is an amazing experience for everyone involved, third graders, teachers, Noblemen, Noblewomen and principals!
    When we visit the third grade classrooms we tell the students that we are in their class to perform a "Noble Deed" for them. Each third grader is told that in order they to gain possession of their new dictionary they must enter into a contract with The Noblemen. Each dictionary has a sticker in the front that contains the contract and it reads:

    "This dictionary is provided as a gift to a great Virginia Beach kid. Please pass it along to another when you no longer need it"

    We ask all of the children, "why do you think we put that in your dictionary?" and talk to them about philanthropy. We talk about why it makes us feel good to perform a Noble Deed for them and how they have the opportunity to perform a Noble Deed for another when they no longer need their dictionary. It is a truly magical interaction that we have with the students and it is an experience that they never forget. We have teenagers tell us when we visit high schools that they still remember the day that The Noblemen visited them in third grade and delivered dictionaries. The Dictionary Project is a unique and rare experience indeed!

    The Noblemen display an exceptional aptitude for helping out Third Graders!


    The Noblemen were honored to provide a gift to the Mid-Atlantic Arthritis Foundation in honor of fellow Noblemen member Dan Ryan Jr. Dan and his wife Amy are being honored by the Arthritis Foundation for their advocacy and support of children suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis. We are very proud of Dan and Amy and proud to support their efforts!


    The Noblemen also provided a gift to The Virginia Beach Sports Club to help fund their youth programs and scholarships. The Virginia Beach Sports Club awards scholarships to local student athletes who are lettering in a sport and submit an application that demonstrates how sports provide a positive influence in their lives. It is a truly Noble program that we are delighted to support!


    The Chesapeake NobleWomen did a very Noble Deed for some very deserving kids in Chesapeake. Truitt Intermediate School hosted their first annual Father-Daughter banquet and dance. It was a wonderful night just for father's and daughter's and The NobleWomen played a big role in making the magic happen. The Noblewomen donated junior sized gown to many of the girls who attended and they also worked the event, serving food and decorating. This segment from a thank you letter from Regina Ratcliff, Principal at Truitt pretty much sums up just how wonderful a job The NobleWomen did:

    "This donation of dresses will impact our students in ways that many of us take for granted every day. This father - daughter banquet will give these girls a special evening with their fathers in an environment some have only seen in pictures. The memories they create this night will live in their minds and hearts for years to come. Your donation has provided some of our young ladies with something special beyond what their words could express."

    Awesome job NobleWomen, Awesome job!


    Thank you for reading this latest edition of our philanthropy blog! Please
    check back in early April to read about some of the wonderful things that
     happened in the month of March!

  • 14 Feb 2012 10:10 PM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

    The Noblemen were honored to give Recovery for Life a $2000 gift. Recovery for
    Life is a non-profit organization here in Hampton Roads who offer counseling and programs for people struggling with addiction and compulsive disorders. Recovery for Life has helped thousands of local people work through the complications of addiction and offered them a better road. Dr. Paul Hardy is the founder of Recovery for Life and a proud member of The Noblemen as well!

    Every year The Noblemen have the amazing opportunity to partner with Edmarc Hospice For Children to provide Christmas to families who have a child in hospice care and may be facing their last Christmas. This year Edmarc asked us to also assist in helping a young woman facing a very high risk pregnancy. The young lady was ordered to be on bed rest for the final five months of her pregnancy. She depleted all of her savings during this time and was unable to work. She gave birth to a little girl on Christmas Eve who died an hour later. Due to the many complications of the pregnancy and birth the mother was still not able to return to work for another six weeks. The Noblemen made a financial gift to help her pay for bills and expenses while she recovers from this tragedy and waits for the opportunity to be able to go back to work again.



    We were happy to write checks to our good friend Bob Lane to cover the expenses of Sports Super Kids for the conclusion of the 2011 Sports Super Kids / Washington Redskins football season (also mentioned in our October 2011 Philanthropy Blog). Every year Bob takes children who have cancer on unforgettable weekend trips to Washington D.C. They tour national monuments and museums in the D.C. area, stay in a local hotel and end the weekend with a trip to a Washington Redskins home game. Bob has exclusive at Redskins games and is able to take the children into the locker room after each game to meet the players and get autographs. Bob has been taking sick children to every Redskins home game for almost 20 years. He is a true Hampton Roads hero and The Noblemen are honored to continue to support Sports Super Kids by covering the weekend expenses every season. Hail to the Sports Super Kids!

    he Noblemen Toy Drive gifted toys to over 3000 local children this year who were in need of some extra Christmas love! The toy drive has been funded every year by the Tracy Reuss Glasheen foundation. Tracy was the inspiration for The Noblemen Toy Drive and particularly the reason why we incorporate our children into the toy gifting (ask a Noblemen member to tell you the story some day because it is awesome). We are so excited to announce that the Tracy Reuss Glasheen foundation raised several thousand dollars at the end of 2011 that will be used to continue to supply The Noblemen Toy drive with supplies and cover expenses for several more years. Special thanks to ALL of Tracy's family! We love you!


    The NobleTeens continues to be one of the biggest and most exciting initiatives within our organization and now have chapters in ALL of the public high schools in Virginia Beach! Each chapter has been supplied with a $500 budget by The Noblemen to help fund philanthropic projects. Each of the 12 chapters of The NobleTeens also has Noblemen and NoblemWomen participating and mentoring the groups. There are now over 500 NobleTeens in Virginia Beach! The leaders of the NobleTeens chapters met in January for their first annual leadership summit. It was an awesome event where the teens discussed projects on which they are currently working and discussed plans for the upcoming year. Look out Hampton Roads because a new army of philanthropists is gaining some serious momentum!


    Thank you for reading this latest edition of our philanthropy blog! Please check back in early March to read about some of the wonderful things that happened in the month of February!

  • 01 Jan 2012 2:52 PM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

     Welcome to the latest edition of The Noblemen Philanthropy Blog covering all of the WONDERFUL Noble Deeds that were performed in the month of December. The Noblemen make a big footprint in Hampton Roads at Christmas time and we are delighted to be able to share our experiences with you here!

     The Noblemen Toy Drive was bigger and better than ever this year and we were able to give toys to over 3000 local children in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and the Peninsula. We partner with many different local groups that help us connect with local kids who really need some help at Christmas time. Some of these groups include Early Discoveries, The Boys and Girls Club, W.A.L.K.I.N., The Achievable Dream Academy, The Bryant and Stratton Kiddie College and many more. We also work with countless other local families who are in need and simply can't provide toys to their children at Christmas. There are so many wonderful stories to tell from the Toy Drive every year that we could write volumes of books. Perhaps the best way to tell these stories is through pictures. Please click in the video to the right and enjoy!
    (if you click on the four arrows in the lower right hand corner of the video than you can watch it on the big screen!)
    of the most touching experiences in which The Noblemen participated over the Christmas season involved helping a family in need in Suffolk. We were honored to be able to help the family of Alphonzo Davis, a local Navy Veteran who is battling cancer and may be facing his last Christmas with his family. Facing mounting medical bills Alphonzo and his fiance did not think they would be able to provide gifts to his children for Christmas this year. The Noblemen and NobleWomen were honored to have the opportunity to step in and "be a part of the solution"! Please click on the video to the right to see the story through the eyes of News Channel 3!
    (if you click on the four arrows in the lower right hand corner of the video than you can watch it on the big screen!)


     The very first Noble Deed that The Noblemen ever performed and which we still perform every year is The Noblemen Trolley Ride. Every year around 150 Noblemen, NobleWomen, our spouses and close friends take Christmas to families who have a child in hospice care and may be facing their last Christmas. Armed with good cheer, caroling books, Santa Claus, and a ton of toys and food for the families we load onto buses and deliver a magical night of Christmas to families who are not expecting to celebrate. It is truly one of the most amazing things that we do.

     Several years ago The Noblemen were able to help a grandmother in Portsmouth who had just taken custody of 6 grandchildren because their Mother, for many reasons was no longer able to care for them. Mimi was 78 when she gained custody of the children and not a week after the grandchildren moved in with her, her house was condemned. The Noblemen were able to put a new roof on her house, supply a new HVAC unit, build a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom extension onto the home, supply new kitchen appliances and a used van for Mimi to get everyone around. Each year The Noblemen provide Christmas gifts to all of the children. This year 2 of the children asked for and received bikes, two asked for clothes so The Noblemen gave them gift cards to WalMart so they could go pick out what they wanted, one asked for drums and we gave him a set of cajon bongos (a type of hand percussion drum) and the last boy asked for a saxophone. We put the word out to our members and contacts and were only able to get our hands on a clarinet. The young man said he  had played clarinet in the past and would be happy to have that for Christmas. On Christmas Eve morning one of our members was able to get a Saxophone donated by Moe's Music on Virginia Beach Boulevard. When the gifts were delivered on Christmas Eve the young boy who was expecting to open a used clarinet, instead opened a new saxophone. As if this wasn't magic enough (true story here....) he ran to his room, retrieved a saxophone reed, put the sax together and belted out "Silent Night". As you can imagine, there was not a dry eye present. Amazing. 
     One of The Noblemen members brought our attention to the plight of a young local Mother named Natasha. 6 months ago while Natasha was deployed with the Navy her 2 year old son Colton fell into a swimming pool while under the care of a nanny. Colton was revived after 20 minutes but suffered severe brain damage. Natasha has no family or real support in Hampton Roads. The Noblemen were able to help cover expenses to bring Natasha's parents to Hampton Roads to help her when Colton is released from the hospital and also cover some expenses for things she will now need in the house.
     The Noblemen were honored to give a $2000 gift to Forward Motion Farms in December. Forward Motion Farm, located in Pungo became the home of a new non profit organization: Untamed Spirit Therapeutic and Educational Program. This non profit will serve special needs children and adults and offer educational workshops to the community about equine assisted programs. This wonderful non-profit is run by long time friend of The Noblemen and local equine therapy pioneer Barb Ford.

     Thank you for reading the December 2011 edition of The Noblemen Philanthropy Blog. 2011 was the biggest and best year ever for our organization and we cannot wait for all of the Noble Deeds that await us in 2012. Please check back next month and read about all of the philanthropy that kicked of 2012!

     Special thanks to:


  • 28 Nov 2011 11:03 PM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

     Thank you for checking in on the November edition of The Noblemen Philanthropy Blog! We had an awesome month that finished with a great Thanksgiving complete with a Turkey Trot! Read on Noble friends....

     The Holiday Season is in full swing with The Noblemen as we are gearing up
    for our annual Toy Drive! We expect to give toys to over 3000 local children
    this year in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and The Peninsula. We have
    placed several hundred of our official "Noblemen Toy Boxes" in businesses
    around Hampton Roads and are excited to have them fill up with lots of toys
    for local girls and boys! We are honored to have had a major load of toys
    come in on Thanksgiving morning this year when The Noblemen were the
    beneficiaries of "Charlie's Toy Drive" at the first annual "Charlie Normile's Turkey Trot". Charlie was a 2 1/2 year old boy who died in a tragic accident this past Spring. Charlie's family decided to honor him through the creation of the Thanksgiving day "Turkey Trot". The event was a huge success with over 500 runners of all ages participating in the events. Captain Christmas,
    Princess Mistletoe and several Noble volunteers hung out for the morning and collected a ton of great toys that will go to great local kids this Christmas. It was a truly awesome way to spend Thanksgiving morning!

     Earlier in November The Green Run NobleTeens did an extremely Noble Deed for a fellow student. The NobleTeens chapter got word of a student in their school who was homeless and living in a car with her mother. The NobleTeens asked for help and The Noblemen sprung into action! The Noblemen were able to help the family pay for a deposit for an apartment and asked our membership if anyone had any furniture that they could donate. Our members stepped up and filled up a trailer at our November membership meeting with all kinds of home furnishings. One of the most Noble members of our group purchased a laptop computer for the young lady and has offered to purchase ANY other furnishings that the family needs for their new apartment. Great job Noblemen and NobleTeens, this is truly the essence of what our organization is all about!
     Every The Noblemen are happy to help another great local non-profit organization, Friends of the Elderly provide Thanksgiving meals to many families in Hampton Roads who would otherwise go without. Thanks so much to Friends of the Elderly for facilitating this great platform that helps The Noblemen reach out and assist local families who are in need at Thanksgiving!

    The Noblemen Toy Drive is one of the largest efforts that our organization puts on and there are always lots of wonderful stories to tell about the wonderful people we meet and the magic that occurs. The Noblemen are happy to be working with a new organization this year called W.A.L.K.I.N. (We All Love Kids In Need) run by a local hero named Arlette Johnson. Arlette is a mother of 4 and Grandmother of 13 who has hosted a Christmas party for needy children for over 20 years. Arlette expects to host over 500 children to her party this year! Arlette served as the director of Horizons Unlimited for 14 years before being laid off in 2010 when the organization lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal funding. This only provided Arlette with the opportunity to focus more of her time and attention on providing great local kids with Christmas. We love what Arlette is doing and are excited to support her efforts! Captain Christmas salutes you!
     The NobleTeens are off to a tremendous start in 2011 and have another fantastic project coming up that will involve ALL of The NobleTeens chapters! The NobleTeens chapters have all been working very hard throughout the month of November at their schools to gather toys for The Noblemen Toy Drive and on December 7th they are going to "Stuff the Bus!" A group of NobleTeens are going to travel on a school bus to each of the  public high school that hosts a NobleTeens chapter and Stuff the Bus full of all of the toys they have collected before delivering them back to Captain Christmas' Toy Headquarters. We cannot thank all of the NobleTeens enough for their hard work on behalf of the toy drive!


    Thank you for checking in with us and reading this latest edition of The Noblemen Philanthropy Blog. Please do not forget to check back next month as December is already full of philanthropic adventures! Please have a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to updating you again next month!
  • 31 Oct 2011 12:44 PM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

     Thanks for checking in with The Noblemen "Philanthropy Blog"! October has been another busy month full of philanthropic opportunities and Noble Deeds! Here are some of the noteworthy happenings from October 2011:

      - Every year during the NFL season The Noblemen support a really noble cause called "Sports SuperKids". Sports SuperKids has been run by a local Virginia Beach hero named Bob Lane for almost 20 years. Every year Bob takes terminally ill children and their families to Washington Redskins home games. The families are treated to a weekend adventure in Washington D.C. complete with visits to our national monuments and the great museums in the D.C. area. The weekend concludes with a visit to Redskins park where not only do the children and their families take in the football game but they are granted access into the Redskins locker room after the game to meet players and receive autographs.  The Noblemen are proud to help fund the travel, hotel and game day expenses for Sports SuperKids! Hail to Sports Superkids!
    - The Noblemen are often able to help "broker" philanthropy through our organization because of the countless contacts and resources that we have access to here in Hampton Roads. One of our members brought our attention to a local 13 year old boy who needed some help. The boy is hearing impaired, has mild cerebral palsy and has vision issues all of which resulted from complications at birth. One of the biggest challenges that this young man faces on a daily basis is wearing glasses and not breaking them. Dr. Hal Breedlove, owner of Coastal Vision and also a proud Noblemen member, was able to outfit the boy with a pair of durable prescription athletic quality glasses that will not break easily. The Noblemen were also able to help the family pay for some repairs to their vehicle with a generous gift from Bill DeSteph, one of The Noblemen's outstanding Community Partners.
    (for more information about becoming a Community Partner please click here)

    - The Noblemen were also very honored to be able to pass a gift along to Children's Performance Workshops. Children's Performance Workshops is a local organization that fights child abuse through it's award winning marionette show. Over 140 child molesters have been put in prison as the result of this program. The Noblemen were able to pass along a $3500 gift to this wonderful cause!

     - The Noblemen made two $2500 gifts to two other very noble local organizations. One gift went to Young Life Capernaum, an organization that works with disabled children an adults and provides them with all kinds of opportunities from a place to hang out and make friends, field trips, summer camps to name a few!
     A second gift went to Young Life of the Commonwealth, an organization which focuses around mentoring urban children. Young Life partners adult mentors with children so that that they can serve as a positive role model and friend to the kids, Young Life and also provides and funds many different enrichment programs for these children.

     - Last year the Noblemen hosted a fundraiser for a young man named Jarred Easter. Jarred's father came to The Noblemen to see if we could help raise money for Jarred to receive a double lung transplant. The Noblemen threw "Jammin for Jarred" which featured several local musicians who performed at Abbey Road, there was a silent auction, lots of prizes and a good time had by all as we raised funds for Jarred. Soon after the event Jarred's new lungs became available and he underwent a successful double lung transplant! I met Jarred for the first time this past weekend and he thanked our organization for all that we did. He said he is breathing well for the first time in his life and could not have been more grateful for the love and support that The Noblemen provided! Congratulations Jarred!


    - The Noblemen Toy Drive is honored to be the beneficiary of the first annual Charlie Normile Toy Drive. Charlie was a local two and a half year old boy who lost his life in a tragic accident this past spring. Charlie's held a birthday party at The Nimmo Parkway in Virginia Beach and asked guests to bring a toy in honor of Charlie. They gathered hundreds of toys in his honor. This year will also mark the first annual Charlie's Run and Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Runners and participants will again be asked to bring gifts to honor Charlie all of which will go towards The Noblemen Christmas Toy Drive. For more information or to register for the Turkey trot please visit: http://www.charliesrun.com


    - We could not be any more proud of what is happening with The NobleTeens program right now. There are now NobleTeens chapters in all of the Virginia Beach public high schools, including the Renaissance Academy. The Noblemen have provided a $500 allowance to each Nobleteens chapter to help them fund their own philanthropic ideas. Keep your attention on The Nobleteens because GREAT things are coming!


    Thanks so much for checking in with The Noblemen Philanthropy Blog and reading about some of the wonderful things that happened with our organization this past month! Please check back again at the end of November to read more about the impact we are making right here in Hampton Roads!

  • 27 Sep 2011 9:27 AM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)

     Greetings Noble Friends,

     September has been a BUSY month for The Noblemen and The NobleWomen. We participated in some great events over the course of the month and were able to help out with some very noble philanthropy! Here is a quick review of what we have been up to:
    - The Noblemen partnered with several local restaurants in hosting the "Families for our Fallen Heroes" event to benefit The Navy Seal Foundation and the families of the soldiers who were lost in the tragic helicopter crash in August in Afghanistan. The event was a tremendous success and the turnout and support from the locals in Virginia Beach was huge. The final tally on funds raised is not yet in but it should be well over the $50,000 mark!


    - The NobleWomen were able to send 20 children to a soccer camp at Old Dominion University called "Charity Kicks". The Noblewomen worked with the YMCA to identify local kids who would not regularly have the opportunity to attend this type of camp. The children all received a t-shirt, raffle t-shirt, autograph session with ODU players, lunch from Qdoba and a goody bag. Awesome!

    - Beginning this month there will be NobleTeens chapters in all of the Virginia Beach High Schools! This is a very exciting development in the NobleTeens program. The Noblemen have provided each of the 11 chapters with a $500 budget to help fund their activities as they learn how to "be a part of the solution"! Keep your ears peeled for more news from The NobleTeens, great things are coming!


    - The Noblemen were asked by one of our members to help out a young man named Wyatt who is battling a rare disease called Fanconi Anemia, a rare disease which claims it's victims through cancer, leukemia, and bone marrow failure while they are still children or young adults. There is no known cure for this disease. The Noblemen are honored to make a gift to Wyatt's fundraising efforts through the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund.

    - The Noblemen hosted our annual Special Needs Air Show earlier this month and it was a great time! Through our partnership with The Navy and the Oceana Master Jet Base we are able to host a big group of local special needs children to the Oceana Air Show. It is a truly wonderful day that provides these children and their families with a rare opportunity to get out and participate in something special. Pilots from the air show came and visited with the children in our tent throughout the day and then all of the children had a meet and greet with The Blue Angles at the end of the day.

    "Mustang, this is Voodoo 3. Remaining MiGS are bugging out!"

    - The Noblemen were happy to make a donation to The Kiwanis club to help fund their annual Kids Fishing Tournament! This is a great event that exposes local inner city kids to boating,fishing and a day they will not soon forget!
     - The Noblemen were also happy to help our membership "broker philanthropy" to a couple of other great causes. We provided a gift to the Seatack Community Civic League to help fund their youth based programs. We were also able to help one of our members broker a gift that provided brand new football helmets to a local youth football league whose uniforms and helmets were in disrepair.
      Thanks for checking in on this philanthropy report and reading about what The Noblemen and The NobleWomen have been up to in September! Please check back next month and find out more!

  • 06 Sep 2011 10:41 AM | Pete Hansen (Administrator)


    Greetings Noble Friends,

    The Noblemen are very pleased to present to you the first of many entries into our Philanthropy Blog! We will use this page as a tool to keep you posted on all of the wonderful local philanthropy that we are tangled up in. Please feel free to leave any comments and let us know what you think!

    The Noblemen have had a busy summer and have been involved in a lot of great projects and have been helping a lot of kids! Here are some of the great things we were involved in over the summer:

    Summer 2011 (part 1):

    - One of our members approached us because he had a customer who was in need. This individual is a local mother who was experiencing some very hard times and needed assistance pre-paying for prescriptions for her family. The Noblemen stepped in and helped out by giving $900 towards this need.

    - The Noblemen gifted $1000 to RAPS and were a sponsor for their annual summer t-shirt. RAPS stands for "Really Awesome People Swimming". They are a fantastic group that take local inner city kids into the water and teach them how to swim!

    - We are very proud to have gifted $2500 to Tidewater Youth Services to fund their literacy program. Tidewater Youth Services operates several transitional homes for local kids who are trying to work their way out of the juvenile detention system. Our gift will fund an literacy expert who will work with these kids to get them reading and writing on a higher level so they can work towards their GEDs and further (and better) their lives and situations!

    - The Noblemen hosted their first ever "Noblelympics" this past spring and raised $5000 for the International Little League Challenger World Jamboree (say that fast 10 times!). The Challenger Jamboree is a baseball tournament that is held in Norfolk every year that hosts teams from all over the world all of which are comprised of special needs kids! This is a wonderful event that provides these children with an unforgettable weekend and experience. The Challenger Jamboree approached The Noblemen to find out we could help out and The Noblelympics were born! The Noblelympics brought people together from all over Hampton Roads for an AWESOME day of team competition in events like: Wiffle Ball, Lobster Grab, Corn Hole, Pool and Tug-of-war. We had a great time for a great cause and raised some great money!

    - The Noblemen have a special relationship with Tallwood High School. After all they have the founding chapter of The NobleTeens! Through the NobleTeens we got to know the special needs/education program at Tallwood. Al (Noble 1) and Pete (2 Noble) joined the special needs program on their filed trip to a horse farm in Pungo early in the summer and treated everyone to lunch at Pungo Pizza. It was an awesome time!

    ...Thanks for reading! There will be another update coming soon with more about The Noblemen 2011 summer!

    Stay tuned!


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